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The "small details" make a difference... especially in the kitchen!

Could this be more true? Especially with a kitchen remodel project (or refresh). All those little details you tackle don't seem to be adding up to much until you see it all come together. Let me illustrate.

See this pictures below...can you spot the difference between then and now? There are many! Oh, so many! Probably not, but I bet you can see there's an overall difference. It feels and looks different and that was of course the goal. My entire vision with this refresh and also for our entire house is to convert her from mediterranean to modern. And we spoke about it and she gave me the green light to baptize her. Literally, almost all the walls were painted the color green when we purchased the house. I could see she had potential and now you're getting the chance to see us transform our space into our version of modern.

Below I point out all the details we worked through to get our kitchen to where it is today. Most of them I bet you missed...check the list below to see how good you did!

Original kitchen when purchased

ABOVE: Currently - Half way through our "refresh"

Pointing out some of the changes

Waterfall feature we added (removed existing angled cabinet)

Beverage cooler we added


How are we doing? Quite a change right?! As you can see so much thought has gone into this new look and we still have a ways to go but we love the process and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please take a minute and share this blog post if you found value in it!



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