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Don't overlook the small stuff, it adds up when trying to create the life you want.

I swear the small stuff matters and more than you think. It's so overlooked and rarely talked about because its so small. Small decisions, small adjustments, small repairs, small doesn't make the cut. No one cares about SMALL. I get it. But, I will tell you that you're overlooking so much in this idea and concept.

SMALL matters! And it does by a lot. I started my journey and gained the success I've obtained as a wife, mother, and business owner by practicing this idea - that the small stuff matters and one day it will show up and show you how much it does. I haven't mastered life by any means, I am truly still a work in progress but I do my best to progress on the daily. So regardless of what you are trying to achieve - the small choices you make will get you there, not the big ones.

If you decided to focus on small versus big huge steps towards your goal, you would get so much further quicker. Because all that "small" stuff is obtainable and will give you the confidence and wins you need to continue your journey. To illustrate, stepping over a 9 foot fence is a lot harder than trying to step over a 1 foot fence. Small, plainly put, is just more achievable and realistic. And I promise if you keep at it, within a short period of time and consistency you'll by taking huge steps towards your goals by taking those small actions. Try it!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. I hoped it helped you in at least one small way:)

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01 set 2021

You’re so right! Thank you for reminder and your inspiration!

Mi piace
Sara Washio
Sara Washio
01 set 2021
Risposta a

Smiling so big right now 🥰😊

Mi piace

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my post! I hope they help you in some way. Come back soon! 

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