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Minimalism: Minimizing Stuff For Moms To Do!

So what is minimalism? It means to get rid of things that make you work. And let's face it, everyone wants you working or doing something for them, right? Including our stuff.

This whole idea and concept changed me. I am a better person with less stuff. Truly, and I bet you are too! This isn't for everyone as some thrive in a lot of material possessions. I am the opposite. And I think most people are as well... they just don't know it.

My breaking point: my kids JUNK! I was tired of cleaning and putting their stuff away constantly. I was over all the clothes, gadgets and toys. I would break down constantly asking myself, is this what life's meaning is now that I'm a mom? I couldn't handle it.

Then I watched the Minimalism movie and I got to work. Bags and bags of crap to goodwill later, I was renewed. It was a long process though, don't be fooled. But I also had a lot of junk. And my husband was all for it when he saw the change in my demeanor and outlook on life. I promise, its a win-win! You'll never look back.

If you're looking for some great minimalism / decluttering youtube channels to follow, these are my favorites:

The Minimal Mom:


Minimalism Movies:

If you can relate to what I was describing, I bet you will also benefit from less. Because less stuff means less work for you!

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