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MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Stop praying, hoping, wishing, planning and dream-boarding it.

Ladies, this one is for you. Well, these will mainly always be for you. But, I say this because I know "us" and have personal experience praying, hoping, wishing and dream-boarding my goals/ideas. But before we go there, let me try and convince you on my strategy. Ok, back to "us". When pursuing something new...


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Stop the craziness. Don't overthink it, don't over analyze it, don't go into detail overload and don't plan everything out. Instead get to work.

“Details are not your friend when starting something new. They are your enemy.

I know many of you want to make more money or to pursue something new.

Why haven't you done it? I know, you get overwhelmed and stop because you don't have all the details figured out. Yep, we literally all stop right there and instead grab a latte and go on our phones. Seriously, are you tired of that yet? Doesn't it get old?

Here's a new thought. Instead, decide to take action.

Rewire yourself to go from scared/fearful to taking action. And do it with a "one step closer" mindset rather than trying to "figure it all out right now".

Side note but on theme. Want to stand out among your peers? Don't overcomplicate things. Everyone overcomplicates everything... its like the new trend!


I was right where you were but I was probably a little more boxed in then some of you. Not all of you. I was a stay at home mom (SAHM) with one very active little baby girl. I had a desire to work and be at home with her, but I was the sitter. I entertained everything with no real solutions.

I decided on getting my Real Estate license and when I passed my exam, my daughter was turning one...what was I thinking?! Fast forward a couple years and my second daughter arrived. And now I was in deep... like mega deep. So what other choice did I have but to put my new career aside?

All while caring for my girls, managing the house, cooking, setting up playdates, working out and managing our schedules, I was determined to figure out a way to earn some extra income. BUT I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And one day, my eyes were opened to reselling online (e-commerce) and I went all in! I would stay up late to photograph items, learned about editing, what type of items sold best, shipping, mending clothes, removing stains, shipping internationally and cross-listing. The list goes on and on. Thank you Youtube!

Here's my point: I did it all while in motion. I took action. I made it happen.

I didn't stop to figure things out, and if I did stop it wasn't for very long. Like a video long. I would watch a video and then do. Read an article and then do. Purchase an item and then figure it out. Like when I picked up a vintage bike for $15 and sold it online within 15 mins of listing it for $600. When I picked it up, I knew nothing about that bike or even how to ship it. I figured it out later. Please note, "flips" of that size happen about once a year. It's not common to hit these home runs often... but they definitely couldn't have happened if i hadn't taken action!

And that is the golden nugget here - details are your enemy when starting anything new. Just do it! And then figure it out. However, I must say this switches later and is no longer a good strategy once you get your business up and running. Today, details are everything in my business. Details bring me success now. Details/plans/strategy have their place, but not at first.

So friend, GO MAKE IT HAPPEN! You got this!


SIDE NOTE: I am back in real estate (woohoo!) and if by chance you know anyone looking to move to Florida and is looking for Equestrian Estate with land and a farmhouse, please send them the following link:

Church Hill Downs Equestrian Estate



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