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A GLIMPSE INSIDE: Churchill Downs Equestrian Florida Farmhouse Estate

One of the perks of being a realtor is the opportunity to see so many amazing houses! Now that I've started this blog, I finally have a way to show all the great interior design and decor I see inside these beautiful homes. In this post, I highlight the stunning and majestic "Churchill Downs Equestrian Estate" located in Palmetto, Florida.

With the growing interest in farmhouse / modern-farmhouse design and decor (thank you Joanna and Chip Gaines!), I thought you would enjoy seeing these pictures. Hopefully they give you some new ideas! Also, did I mention my client is a local interior decorator?

Side note: Anyone looking to purchase a 5 bedroom / 4 bath farmhouse on 3.5+ acres with detached barn and guest suite? This beautiful home is currently on the market and for sale! To see more pictures and this listing, click on this link

Please feel free to pass along this post to anyone you think would enjoy seeing these pictures and/or this listing!




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