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From trash to treasure...

Reselling changed our family's finances...

I was gifted a Masters Polo shirt in 2018 and before donating it to the local Goodwill, I decided to list it on ebay. It sold instantly for BIG $$$.  This was my lightbulb moment. 

Once I started figuring out how to sell lightly pre-owned items online, everything changed.  To learn more about my journey into this new business and what it's done for me, check out my recent interview by clicking HERE.  

Work from home and with kids...

Get more info on how to make it happen...

This business has given me great flexibility to work from home and around our crazy schedule. In this post, I'll share how I think you can do this as well, especially during those first few years while you're possibly at home taking care of your family.     (blog post coming soon)

Did I capture your interest? Yay! Follow me to see my tips and tricks, and how you can implement some of my strategies to grow your business from home, just like I did!

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