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The Doubling Effect - Money + Time

When I was a SAHM (stay at home mom), I viewed money and time 100% differently than I do today. Since becoming a business owner a few years back, its drastically changed. When you go into business in general, you realize quickly how valuable your time is because somehow there's never enough of it.

When you're a realtor like me, you work for free until the closing takes place and hopefully it does. That means all the incoming calls, text messages, emails and showings are on me since my goal is to strike a deal with an interested buyer/seller. When you run a ecommerce business, you work for free until payments start to come in, which can take a while before they surpass your expenses.

Because I do both real estate and run a online business, I have to be incredibly productive with my time. I am no expert but I do work diligently on figuring out ways to gain time back on a daily basis. It's always top of mind and my mind is always spinning with new ideas.

With all that said, let me explain my view and strategy when it comes to money and time. I in very way try to double my efforts. That's the main idea for both money and time. Let me illustrate, when your carrying out a task...can you effectively ADD another similar task and double your efforts/time? It's not exactly multi-tasking. It's grouping. Grouping to me is clumping together like minded task to achieve greater results while using less time. And because they are similar in nature you don't have to switch gears so much. Multi-tasking is scattered thinking and not so manageable. There's a difference.

Want some examples? Making dinner and lunch for the next day during the same visit to the kitchen. Calling family/friends back when in the car on my way to my next appointment. After school drop off, stopping by Walmart for a grocery pick up or filling up with gas while I am already passing Costco. Talking to Brad about his day while also doing the dishes at the same time. It requires you to think ahead just a little.

And when it comes to money, I do the same. When making purchases regarding my business I absolutely have to think of doubling or tripling my money. And funny enough, that mindset has helped with my personal shopping too. It's tamed my spending habits because its hard to find items that you can do that with. So I look for other ways to use my money that help me achieve this goal. Not so sure its a good thing in every way but so far, Brad is really happy about it.

If you decide to implement this into your life, you might notice that it will start to become a game! You might just become obsessed with making the most out of your efforts. I know that's what happened to me! I have to give all the credit to my husband as he's helped me to understand how important this strategy is.

Hopefully you were able to take something away from this and it wasn't too elementary for you:)


Writing a post > responding to emails

Giving your babies a bath > reading their night time bed stories

Dying your hair > painting your nails/waxing

Driving > listening to a podcast/youtube channel (I haven't listen to the radio in years)

Cooking > cleaning dishes as you use them

Driving > make calls to insurance/service providers

Listening to VM > text back people that have reached out to me

Waiting in car line > going through my photos on my phone

Pumping gas > cleaning out the trash in my car



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